Monthly Archive: October 2011

More Good News

Beautiful home, beautiful woman, now I may have a wonderful job. Allen Darman is starting an educational health (esp. mental health) nonprofit and wants me onboard as his partner. Still raising money for the startup, but I love hope, don’t you?

Oh wow

There is a new love in my life.

I attended the Tennessee Peer Support Specialist Conference earlier this month. At lunch, I sat next to a woman I’d never met and we had a great chat. She sat next to me at the next class and the final session and closing. She was very patient at waiting to talk to me as I had many others to talk to and phone calls to make. We talked in the parking lot after the conference was over. She called the next day and wanted to get together; I simply couldn’t as I was staying with friends I hadn’t seen for years and we had a lot going on. But I made her aware of the commitment being in the way, not that I was blowing her off.

Well, Tuesday she came for a visit (yes, it was planned, she didn’t just drop in like a stalker). She spent the night (I wasn’t about to make her turn around and go home, even if only because it was a 3.5 hour drive). We had a great time talking, seemed to be totally attracted to each other. The attraction developed further overnight. And the next day she didn’t want to go home…and so, eventually, she didn’t.  We’re really happy, except for the aforementioned 3.5 hour drive between us and the fact that neither of us have much gas money.  We are now committed to each other, there was nothing else we could have done, and will work out the distance details.

A picture is attached…


The Saga of _______

What do you name a rat who survives 6 days in a freezer (2 days of which you turned the freezer to maximum)?

I leave it up to you. I would think something Norse would do… Ratgar?

I had two rats. They were purchased as snake food, but my snake (a Royal python) decided they were too large or something so wouldn’t eat them. I’ve kept them alive for at least 6 months, even moved them twice (to East Flat Rock NC and then to Blaine TN). I have a friend who has a snake large enough to eat them, but she only eats frozen. So at some point, I would have to freeze them, or he would.

Well, I took them one at a time. Took the first one on Tuesday. He was dead by Thursday, so I put him in a plastic baggie and went to get the other one.

I don’t remember if I put the second one in the freezer on Thursday or Friday. On Saturday I checked, and he had chewed through the box and eaten my frozen veggies. I got a much thicker box, and returned him to the freezer.  I was gone Sunday, Monday, and most of Tuesday.

When I came back, I checked the freezer, and he had chewed through the box and was back to eating my frozen veggies, and had added a frozen chicken leg to it (although he had barely scratched the surface). I made sure the rest of the stuff in the freezer (I don’t have much) was safe from him and moved it to where he supposedly couldn’t reach it.

Today I got up, and he was still doing just fine. Kinda looked like he wanted me to turn the heat up a little, but he was actually cleaner than when I put him in. My freezer wasn’t. So I went out and bought some pine litter (the solid stuff, couldn’t find the fine stuff), cleaned his old cage out, got him some water, and put some cat food in there, and returned him to the cage.

I then cleaned and sanitized my freezer, throwing a little more food away. Not much left.

So. This rat has lived through the Norse version of Hell, and is doing fine. I’m sure he deserves a sage of his own… not that he’d appreciate it. But if he’s going to be a pet, he needs a name.

That’s where you come in. As I said, I’m kinda partial to Ratgar, but I’m sure someone has a better idea.

Also, if anyone would like a large white rat of their own, let me know. I really am not into rodents; that’s my snake’s job. But I don’t like being cruel to anything, and finding him an owner who really would appreciate him would be better.



You’ve heard me whine. Yes, I’m still beyond broke, but I’m not more than a couple hundred dollars behind break-even.  This is the other side.

I am extremely grateful to my landlady and her mother for letting me rent this trailer. No, it’s not the Hilton, but it’s almost what I can afford and gives me my independence and lots of positive energy. The land is beautiful and inspiring.

I am grateful for my many friends. I am extremely grateful for Larry Drain, who saw fit to establish a scholarship fund for the Tennessee Peer Support Conference, which paid for a hotel room Sunday nigtht and the conference itself on Monday; all I had to do was find gas money and maybe a little food money for Sunday night and the travel time. The hotel provided breakfast, and the conference provided a great lunch. I am especially grateful for Adriene (Sunshine), who befriended me at the conference and was a source of much humor (going both directions).

I am extremely grateful for my friends Firecat and Silaureal. After the conference, I drove to their house in Shelbyville, where they provided dinner, friendship, a place to sleep Monday night, and then Firecat made 6 video recordings of my performing songs. I also left with a lot of love, 4 new hippos, two old computers (a Dell 450 MHz and an iMac G3), and a violin (!!!!!!!!!). Some of you know that I have always wanted to play violin — in 4th grade, my parents asked me what instrument I wanted to learn, and I said “violin”. My mother said, no, you’d break that, you’ll just share your brother’s trumpet we’re already renting.

I am grateful for my mother, who, during a time when she has lost the man she has loved for 62.5 years, has been unstinting in her financial support of me. Yes, I could use help right now, my finances are really screwed, but she is still finding out what sources are paying her what amounts, as retirement pensions are converted to widow’s pensions and insurance payouts.

I am grateful to the deity/ies who have been peeking in on me and keeping me going. Aum Ardhanarishwara swarypaya Namaha! Aum gam Ganapatayei Namaha! Praise Goddess! Anyone and everyone, every facet of Divinity in my life, thank you for keeping me going.  There have been times I was ready to give up, and was not allowed to.

I am extremely grateful to the hundreds of people who have allowed me to touch their lives. This includes all the people in my online groups, all my ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, wannabe-girlfriends, everyone who has given me an excuse to go on living and feel great about it, even if only short-term. I am grateful for all the service agencies that have worked to keep me alive (most recently, Sisterhood Is Powerful!).

I am grateful that I can cry, that I can laugh, that I can walk, that I have a car which runs (still owe some money on the last repair), and that I have enough food to keep going.

All this and more. I always forget something. Oh yes, I am grateful for my cat, Dottie, and for Chrystal and Jeff who gave her to me and have even helped support her.


The Saga of Nanook the Rat

OK, many of you know I have a pet snake (Royal python). I tend to buy rats for her to eat, and every now and then she decides not to eat them. This leaves me with a quandary — I don’t like rats, but I don’t like killing things. I have a friend with a much larger snake, but who only eats frozen rats, so I would have to freeze them for him, which means killing them.

I have had two rats now for about 6 months. They don’t like me, I don’t like them, but I’ve been feeding and caring for them. I got to where I did not have money for any more food for them, and needed to get them frozen. Not my favorite thing.  I captured one and put it in a box in the freezer.  It took two days for him to become frozen.  Then I went back (Friday?) and got the other one.

Well, it’s Wednesday now, and Nanook chewed through his second cardboard box (this one was very thick) and has been cavorting through my freezer. It’s a good thing I didn’t have much food there, he did devour the remains of my frozen corn and was working on my frozen peas and carrots. He had not yet noticed the chicken, or could not chew through the plastic freezer bags.

I’m sorry, this is funny. When you open a freezer 5 days after you’ve consigned a creature to a frozen demise, and it just looks back and you and asks you to turn up the temperature a bit, sagas should be written. I also feel I should pull him back out of the freezer, get some litter and food, and put him back in the cage… but I just don’t have the money. I turned up the freezer instead, and hope it makes a difference.

If anyone would like to support Nanook, and can get me the money before his demise is complete, send money to via PayPal and I’ll pull him out and put him back in the cage…if the support funds are sufficient to go get some pine or corncob litter and a couple pounds of rat food.  This is just a horrible month… I’m not sure next month will be better but one month at a time.


Tennessee Peer Support Conference

I had a wonderful time Monday at the Tennessee (first annual) Peer Support Conference in Murfreesboro. Made lots of new friends, great contacts, have to follow up on those now. The few people I already knew also became more cemented as friendships.

I then spent Monday night and Tuesday with my friend Robbie and his wife in Shelbyville. Robbie got 6 videos of me singing, and will likely be posting to YouTube in the next few days.

Having a flea problem at home. I have it more under control than it was, and am looking for other ways to get it done. I could make one of those soap-water flea traps, but don’t have a nightlight… and no money to be buying things.



I got my first paycheck at my new (local) bank. I got all my bills paid (some envelopes to be mailed on Monday). I had a beautiful black kitty in my lap a lot of the day. I had another long phone call with Lady Areil. I read the first few chapters of Lady Danica’s book. I wrote my mother a letter outlining my income and expenses. And I bottled 16 half-liter bottles of Belgian Dubbel kit beer, brewed by me. (Drinkable in 3-4 weeks… I hope)

My computer is still not running. I’m afraid I need a new motherboard, it does not seem to be powering the CPU fan. I may also need a new CPU, as one of the cores could easily be baked by now.

I still have not repaired my bicycle (needs a tube protector, and oil the chain, plus inflated tires). It has been chilly the past two days, quite a big swing from being roasting just before that. I’ve gone from air conditioning to plugging in the space heaters.

I guess that’s enough of an update for now. All is well, I love this place (despite the condition of the trailer). I need to get some money in before I can do grocery shopping or get household items (like foam to seal some stuff).