Oh wow

There is a new love in my life.

I attended the Tennessee Peer Support Specialist Conference earlier this month. At lunch, I sat next to a woman I’d never met and we had a great chat. She sat next to me at the next class and the final session and closing. She was very patient at waiting to talk to me as I had many others to talk to and phone calls to make. We talked in the parking lot after the conference was over. She called the next day and wanted to get together; I simply couldn’t as I was staying with friends I hadn’t seen for years and we had a lot going on. But I made her aware of the commitment being in the way, not that I was blowing her off.

Well, Tuesday she came for a visit (yes, it was planned, she didn’t just drop in like a stalker). She spent the night (I wasn’t about to make her turn around and go home, even if only because it was a 3.5 hour drive). We had a great time talking, seemed to be totally attracted to each other. The attraction developed further overnight. And the next day she didn’t want to go home…and so, eventually, she didn’t.  We’re really happy, except for the aforementioned 3.5 hour drive between us and the fact that neither of us have much gas money.  We are now committed to each other, there was nothing else we could have done, and will work out the distance details.

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