Job Interview

I’ve been on Disability since 1998… for a mental illness from which I have largely recovered but still have some challenges. I have not been able to find work to supplement my SSDI, and it’s not enough. I got trained in January of 2009 as a Peer Support Specialist… but all the jobs available at that time were full time, so I could not pursue them. I obtained my certification as a Peer Specialist effective December 29, 2010, and started applying for jobs…only to hear silence.

Last month I discovered my current health care provider had a position open, 15 hours at two nearby centers. I applied for the position, and got told the position was put on hold. I don’t know if that means they are having budget problems, but that’s a likely scenario.

I got a call this morning for a position in Sevierville. It’s full time but they sound willing to break it into two part-time positions. I even know one of the three people I’ll be interviewing with. That would mean about two hours of driving round trip, and about 3 gallons of gas, but I can handle that, especially with the income it would provide. The interview is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7, 10 am. (Update: appointment is moved to Dec 6 at 9 am)

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I hope I can get this under the most favorable conditions available.


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