It’s official. I do not have testosterone poisoning. In fact, my levels are so low my doctor has chosen to give me twice-monthly injections. Normal range is 340-1170 and my level is closer to 170.

I also ran across this wonderful citation:

Quote from Corinna West in a blog piece entitled, It Feels So Great To Be Off Meds,: 

I’m not anti-medication, but I am anti-bullshit. I know that medications truly help some people, and some people do well on them. Those people should feel free to continue using them. However, I think all people should be given honest information about psychiatric meds before being put on them. We should be told how hard they can be to get off, and that there is not a ton of research showing long term effectiveness for medications. We should be given the truth that the chemical imbalance theory has not proven to be true. We should be given help and support for getting back off the medications as soon as possible. This would be the best way to help the 40% of people that do not respond to any given medication and might actually be harmed by it. In our current system, people unhelped by medications are only given more medications as well as the message that they are doing something wrong if they’re not recovering.

in other news, I completed my 80th hat of the year (year ends Feb 28, 2012) and delivered 75 of them to Sisterhood Is Powerful, a Pagan charity covering East Tennessee. My next bag (25) will probably go to the homeless shelter in Jefferson City, or it might go to Knox Rescue Ministry. After that, assuming I exceed 100, I’ll find another group to give them to.

My precious Sunshine continues to amaze and even overwhelm me with her love. As I’m stunned beyond words, I will move on and talk about that later. I will be spending Sunday (my birthday) helping her move to her new apartment, and then she’s taking me to dinner and giving me the gas money to get home on. I’ll also get to spend a day and night (Saturday) at my old friend Firecat’s place in Shelbyville. Firecat gifted me with my first violin on my last visit, an instrument I’ve wanted to play since at least 4th grade.


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