Monthly Archive: December 2011

Sunshine All Weekend

My Sunshine and I were missing each other, and couldn’t stand to not be together, so she promised gas money and I drove to Columbia on Thursday. Going home tomorrow, to face down my cat. Had a wonderful weekend. Tried really hard to not spend money. Still no call-back on the job interview.

More update

The job interview got moved from Wednesday to Tuesday to Friday and then postponed. I’m still hoping for a callback to reschedule it.

Last weekend was SerpentStone Yule, and I got Sunshine to go with me and meet all my crazy, wonderful friends and Family. She enjoyed herself, but was overwhelmed by the sheer population density, probably 70 or so people at Owl House. We had a magical (magickal) experience in the gift-giving, which I won’t relate at this time. She complained we didn’t get enough “alone time” and I understand that… but we’ll have other weekends for that.

I think I posted here about my testosterone deficiency… not a cheerful subject but it’s better than a lot of my friends here (some of whom are battling cancer). The doctor decided to give me injections every two weeks. Today is my day. Ow. My level was less than half of the minimum healthy level… as I tell my feminist friends, I have proof that I am not suffering from testosterone poisoning! (Most of them have higher levels than I do.) LOL

I have been SLOWLY working on a book by a respected elder. I rewrote Chapter 6 entirely, and she liked my work enough that she wants me to do Chapter 7. It’s a really strong story, but it seems to bog down in wordiness at times. I have no promise of payment, but I do have promise of hire. My slowness on this project is not helping me, but she has been quite patient.

On the premise that I am only writing this blog to procrastinate going out the door, I’m going to end it now.