Monthly Archive: January 2012

Heading out

I’m about ready to throw the last of the things in the car for my late-weekend trip to Columbia TN to be with my sweetie.

I’m amazed at the lack of flack I’m taking for this relationship. Yes, we’re seemingly perfect for each other. Yes, she has grey hair. But Monday is her 33rd birthday, making her a few years younger than my children. Anyhow, I’m in love, and she did all the chasing. Why a young woman would want to chase me, I have no idea — but she is not eye candy or an arm-dangly-thing, she’s a special woman with special needs (I don’t mean Short Bus) and I appear to fit those needs quite nicely. Are we perfect for each other? No, but we fit together in the area we haven’t found anyone who can fit, the emotional nature. I’ve had prettier women and smarter women (and richer women), but this is the one who takes care of me when I need it, lets me take care of her when she needs it, and the way we care for each other is exactly the way we have always wanted to be cared for.

Defensive? Hell yeah. Always fear. What happens if she gets older and changes? Well, I can only hope she changes with me, but if not, I’ll let her go as gently as she deserves. I hope that never happens, and I’m beginning to believe that hope is real.



OK, so I forgot to post here for a while.

I’ve been busy working on my new website

helping to form the Tennessee Association of Peer Specialists

went to Atlanta for GAFilk and did some wonderful singing, playing, and listening and met Cat Faber and found out she lives only about 20 minutes away from me

have been keeping my honey from melting down at work or at home

my cat loves me again and, for the first time since moving here in September, has started sleeping on the bed again

am trying to help my friend Blind Lemming Chiffon regain control of his website

and a few other things. Like editing a friend’s book. And watching a lot of football.

Also have been trying to get my songwriting mechanism started again. A special Serenity filk is trying to bubble up but it’s not bubbling right yet.

Welcome to the year in which the Mayan calendar “ends”. In care you haven’t noticed, in Mayan mythology this will be the end of the Fifth Age. That means there have been four previous Ages, and there is likely to be a Sixth.

Oh yeah, and I haven’t been spending enough time practicing my new violin.