So why is it I only remember to post here when I’m about to take another trip to Columbia TN or somewhere?

I’m getting a lot done… and not getting a lot done, and need to keep records about what I need to be working on and where I am with them.

We managed to get my MedFree group up and running again, perhaps permanently. I also got some updates done on my new website, Recovery Empowerment Resources, and even did a good bit of work for David Pereda and his new novel, However Long the Night, and updated Blind Lemming Chiffon’s website some.

Haven’t been able to do much int he way of worship lately other than private. It’s too cold to go out in the woods. I tried to visit some friends but it wasn’t a good time for them.

By the way, if anyone wants to read a book… David Pereda has a 25% off coupon on his new novel, and if you read the book and post a review on Amazon he will refund ALL your money. Details are on his blog, which can be found at . David is a great guy who has been paying me way too much money to help promote his books, and if they ever start selling it might be worth it to him.

And yes, my honey sent me money so I can go spend the next 3 days with her.