Monthly Archive: March 2012

Happy Ostara

We’re going to start packing tomorrow for a weekend at Splendor Hollow with my wonderful Family for our Ostara Gathering. I haven’t updated my Gathering Schedule yet, so I’m not sure when the other Gatherings are (or where) just yet. I’ll probably just go to the ones at Splendor Hollow.

My sweetie is adjusting to her new life, with me and without drugs (clonazepam, lamotrigine, and Celexa). Long trip for her, but she is facing it bravely and doing fairly well so far. Have to keep hoping for a full recovery. Those things are not safe, and she went totally toxic on them. Have to keep her safe. I also have to limit my own triggers so she is not overwhelmed with my own emotional issues.

Not sure what else to say. Sure has been hot lately, I had to hook up the air conditioner today.



A lot happening here.

My sweet Sunshine lost her job in Columbia TN and has moved in with me. Saves a lot on gas, but we have to get some income if we’re going to make it. Hard to move around my little trailer, but if we can get her Disability we can apply for some new, almost-opened apartments about a half mile from here. We’ve had to get her address changed with the USPS, IRS, drivers license bureau, SSA, and just about everyone else in the country.

One of the people on my Family phone plan had not paid me for 4 months. When I cut her line off, she blamed it all on me… so I gave the phone to Sunshine, and she gave her ex back his phone. I’m going to change the phone numbers to TN 865, which will lose one of the people on the plan 🙁 but I might be able to sweet-talk AT&T into just letting that go. I need to get the phone back so I can get out of this silly Android phone — it’s costing me about $35 per month for data charges and whatnot.

Had a couple of wonderful days at Cat Faber’s house, singing the day away. Cat is a Big Name Filker… but amazingly doesn’t know that many other BNFs and I do. She keeps commenting on how much music I know, makes me feel good. I love presenting little-known-but-great music to people who appreciate it.

Hope your lives are gong as well as mine.