I’ve been lax about posting here lately. Sorry about that. Nothing much happening. I have been getting triggered a lot by Sunshine’s stuff, but that’s to be expected. I seem to have linked to her head issues, so that when she’s in pain, so am I. I kinda wanted that, so that I could ground it out and help her that way, but I’ve been having huge problems grounding, so I wind up screeching at her while she whines at me. It’s amazing that we still love each other so much, but it’s obvious that we do. So she beats herself up about hurting, and I beat myself up about yelling at her, and we got back to loving each other as much as we can. I really think we’ll get through this in good shape, but it will be hard work doing so.

Have a light week this week, if Sunshine lets me keep it that way. I’ve been doing way too much, and am too easily exhausted.

Guess that’s it for now.