Change Is Good

Things continue to improve for me and Sunshine.

I accidentally found a grounding technique that works to get rid of her “rainstorms” (where it feels to her as though a lighting storm is going on in her head). Apparently my treatment is not quite complete, as the rainstorm goes away in record time but often returns several minutes later, but it is just as easy to clear that time too and eventually the problem goes away. So I am feeling much more competent, and the fact that I no longer feel helpless has reduced quite a bit of the anxiety I’ve been feeling, which in turn reduces my tendency to trigger, and therefore yell. So things are going MUCH better overall.

Sunshine has asked a highly-respected man in the community to be her teacher. I recommended him at least as a source for who might be available, and they just hit it off. She has to ask him two more times, of course, but the third time will likely be in public at Litha. Which, by the way, I have been asked (and accepted) to be onsite Registration Coordinator for.

Also, July 28th will be the date of the first ever Splendor Hollow Music Festival, and I have been confirmed as a performer. If some of you fine people did not know I was a musician, well, sorry to hear that, especially as I have offered my entire recorded history for free to anyone who wants it (send a prepaid mailer and a 4Gb jump drive or SD card).

So wow, things really have a chance of being everything I want them to be. Still quite a few challenges, but the successes to date can be seen as predictive of continued successes.

So there.


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