Foggy mountain

My Sunshine went to her first class with Mortir last night. I had to rush home from work, we got maybe a half hour together. Thunderstorms were approaching, and Mortir suggested rescheduling, but we both said no.

So less than 20 minutes after my honey left, we had the worst batch of wind and rainstorm I’ve seen in my time here. And then the power went out. Well, it flickered a few times. THEN it went out, and was out for about a half hour. THEN the Internet went out, and was out for the rest of the night. Comcast has been trying to tell me all the lines are working, despite our experiencing frequent outages… ah well, I guess I can’t blame this one on them, although I’d love to.

I finally went to bed with my computer playing music. It was too quiet. Funny how you get used to things.

Honey finally came home, said he talked her ear off. I checked, they were both still there. So I went to sleep.

It’s really foggy this morning. Hence the title. Going to be a fun drive to work.


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  1. Broom_Service

    I hope that her class went well then. We had a smallish thunderstorm and rainstorm. We really needed it since our entire state is on a fire ban. I’m hoping that we get more. Have a good one.


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