I was having a pretty good morning. Got breakfast, got coffee, lunch is in the backpack, about to head for work… my honey’s class was then rescheduled from tonight to tomorrow night, and then they released the schedule for Splendor Hollow Music Festival.

Now I’m bummed. I get the opening slot, at 11 am. This means that they think I’m the least interesting act in the lineup, so they put me when nobody will be there yet or paying attention. They also had promised me TWO half-hour slots, which is what I was practicing for, and now I only get one. So I have to take the 12 songs I’m working on, reduce them to the 6 that fit together best for the strongest show, only to be unappreciated.

I really feel like pulling out — but if I show up and knock them dead == well, what few are there == they may reconsider should there be a “next time”.

I’d better just go to work.


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  1. Broom_Service

    I hope that you wow all of those present and that they complain that you didn’t have a wondermous time slot! I hope that work went well.


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