My bad

Yesterday I got up in a good mood, got a few things done, and just settled down to do stuff on my computer. When I looked up, it was already time to go to work and I hadn’t made my sandwich and then my honey decided she wanted my attention. I got a bit ugly and started shouting at everything… took a while to calm down, but I got on the road before doing so such that I was not later.

I wish my honey had a blag here so she could tell her side of the story. Sometimes it sounds like everything is her fault. Yes, she has some work to do, but I do too and my contributions to our struggles are greater than zero.

Got the Big Project done. But a co-worker inadvertently created a big project, and the boss doesn’t know about it, and I have to pretty much do it without telling her. Some stuff got filed which was supposed to have had other stuff done to it before filing it. If I’d been there another month or three I would have caught it before filing it, but I didn’t. In discussion with my other co-worker, who is my friend of about two years and the employee who has been there the longest, there is a good chance the other co-worker will not last much longer. It’s not that she can’t do the job, she can’t do the teamwork. And the teamwork is half of the job.


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  1. Broom_Service

    Her having a blog here could be a good thing. It could let her get things out and help her to process some things too. That’s a very good idea. And, you don’t make it sound like it’s all her fault. You even go out of your way to let us know that it’s not so don’t let that get you down.

  2. mordewis

    @Broom_Service – OK, She just had me help her join up… she has added Amethyst and Happier Heathen as friends and subscriptions. Please accept.

  3. mordewis

    @Broom_Service – Guess I should have mentioned her handle… asunshine23

  4. Broom_Service

    @mordewis – I just subscribed to her.


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