Splendor Hollow Music Festival

Today was the day. It was complicated by my sweetie having her first full-blown panic attack in at least two months just last night. But we got through it again, and got some sleep, and got up and had a good morning. We went out for breakfast at 8, left for Splendor Hollow at 9, and got there just after 10 for my 11 am concert.

As predicted, I was playing mostly for staff and some early attendees and vendors. Even so, I got through my 7 song set in good shape, and was told to keep playing. As I had been standing up for the whole time, and don’t have that much stamina or resistance to pain, etc., I only did 3 more songs, with help from my sweetie.

After I got off stage, I was asked to do another set, a half hour at 12:30. Well, the 12:00 act was pretty good and kept playing past 1:00, so there went that set. My sweetie got hungry, and as I was told it would be about an hour before I could do another set, I went to Subway for my honey and me. It was about a half-hour round trip, and no sooner had I gotten the order paid for, my honey was calling me telling me they wanted me on stage soon. Traffic was bad, I was stressed from the first show, driving made it worse… but I got there in time. I did two songs, one a repeat of an earlier performance, and was told “1 more”. So the “badly-needed” second set was only 15 minutes. Ah well, I made the best of it.

Afterwards, as I knew it would, my energy level hit the floor. As my honey had been drinking (I had bought a bottle of home-made mead from a friend just for her), that meant I had to drive for the hour it took to get home. I barely made it, and we immediately hit the mattress and passed out for about 2 hours.

Glad I did it, glad I did well, glad to be home. They MAY have wanted me to do another set later in the day, but I would not have been able to keep up the level of performance.

For the record, I performed:

Wind’s Four Quarters (Mercedes Lackey and Leslie Fish)
When Giants Walked (Kathy Mar, an old friend)
We Won’t Wait Any Longer (Gwydion Pendderwyn)
Turn of the Wheel (James Keelaghan)
Hands of God (Julia Ecklar
Scale (Cat Faber)
Mother, Forgive Them (which I wrote)

set extension
Stalker Girl (Arrogant Worms)
Ghost (Amy Ray, Emily Saliers)
The Coven Grows (my own spoof, combining the work of Shain Stewart and Garth Brooks)

Second Set
Hands of God (Julia Ecklar)
Raven and Crow (my own)
Word of God (Cat Faber)

To my knowledge, there were no recordings being made.


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  1. Broom_Service

    Sounds like a pretty tiring day. I’m glad that all went well for you though.

  2. mordewis

    @Broom_Service – I posted about this to my SparkPeople blog, and one of my old friends, The Lady Mary, commented on how she remembers when I could barely walk. Yes, it’s been that long a ride that I don’t remember how much better I am. That why I had friends.


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