Monthly Archive: July 2012

Wake up

We got through the weekend. We got through the two days of doctor visits for my honey. We got through the holiday. All unpaid, by the way.

Now it’s time to go back to work. I love my job, I really do. The boss has decided she needs to lighten up (Part II of that conversation will take place today).

I had a talk with my honey this morning. She had her job and lost it. We needed the money as much then as now, and had she kept her job I would have moved out to where her job was. That didn’t happen. Now she wants me home all the time, and admits that part of the problem is jealous because I have the job. I think she understands now.

She has a new Teacher. Yayyyy! He will likely keep her very busy… and her first class is tonight…

Guess I’d better wrap this up and get ready to lift that barge, tote that bail… er, copy that data, paste that data…


Days of Hell

Today and tomorrow I have off work to take my sweetie to her SSA-ordered doctor appointments, in order to get her Disability (we hope). Today is the shrink. My sweetie is already out of her mind, and sometimes into mine. I have to be able to maintain, or they’ll cart both of us away to the nearest hospital and I will lose her. That is the worst possible scenario. There are better. But no matter what, today will be beyond difficult. Tomorrow we only have to deal with a medical doctor. Please keep us in your thoughts, prayers, candle-burning, goat-slaughtering, or whatever you do.


Good day

I actually wrote this up for my diary (, but it sounded more and more like I should post it here.

It was pretty good overall. We decided kinda not to go do laundry today. Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after tomorrow. We went to eat at Blimpies Salads and Subs / Baskin Robbins — only to find they no longer had a Blimpies at that location. There was a Captain D’s caddy-corner across the street, and we decided to eat there. Turned out to be a GREAT decision, as they had a salmon salad which featured fresh greens and a huge slab of baked salmon. We then went over to Baskin Robbins anyhow, after a call with my mother. We then took the long way home, well not the shortest but Maggie argued with us all the way, and went to Mascot Park to practice. Came home and pretty much did nothing else… ok, I finally hooked up the TV and VCR/DVD player and we watched Blazing Saddles. I really wanted to watch Victor/Victoria but couldn’t find it. Damn. But it was all right. And we went to bed and snuggled.


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