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On Tuesday, the other new person at work sorta went off on the boss. She showed up for work on Wednesday, and was asked to leave. Interesting conversation. At any rate, I have worked out, and she didn’t. I will be taking on more duties at work on Monday — tomorrow is a day we are at wit’s end passing out paychecks to our clients.

I have just taken a bunch of written (some poorly) procedures and turned them into website pages, including rewriting the index page. I have not uploaded them to the website yet, and probably won’t until my boss gets to go over them with me, probably the end of next week. But I did a great job (am still proofreading a few of them to make sure I caught everything), and besides, where else can you get an HTML programmer for $7.25 per hour? Besides which, I do all the filing, man the front desk, do backup security, and now will be adding some new things next week (including a return to answering the phones). There are only three of us, and the boss tends to work 80 hour weeks (and doesn’t set her own salary, and hasn’t had a raise for 6 years), the other co-worker is a friend of mine through the Knit & Crochet Meetups and is definitely working more hours than she is supposed to be. I’d do that, too, but if I did I’d lose my SSDI check and there is no way I can replace it through work at this job.

OK, that’s about it I guess. Lots of successes, a few ways to look at it as a downside but mostly I refuse to.

BTW, my honey and I have been OK for a while… still tend to hit those tender triggers, but we’re learning.


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  1. HappierHeathen

    Oh man, wha’d ya do that for? Why’d ya go and kick one of my pets right in the peeve like that? I was going along thinking good for you, I’m glad it’s all working out — then you went and said HTML programmer. Ain’t no way you’re one of those — ain’t no such thing. The M and the L in HTML give that part away. Dang it!But having vented some small portion of my misdirected pent-up hostility, I’m glad it’s all working out well for you!

  2. mordewis

    @HappierHeathen – Alrighty then, Happier. I know I’m just a glorified editor. But I didn’t create the job classification. And I know my way around HTML4 pretty well, but no way can I get into that CSS and PHP stuff… or whatever passes for HTML5 nowadays (pick a standard, any standard).

  3. HappierHeathen

    @mordewis –  No worries at all, it’s just that HTML is undeniably, officially neither a tasty dipping sauce for fried shrimp nor a programming language. You cannot write HTML that will calculate the circumference of a circle given its radius.

  4. AJ

    @HappierHeathen – Please write me a compiler for Lisp and have it in my inbox by morning. Thank you.

  5. mordewis

    @AJ – Not for $7.25 per hour, I won’t.


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