Mixed Signals

This has been an interesting time. In the Chinese sense.

My honey has been farther from me than usual, but yesterday we were closer than we have been in a while.

I got removed from the local Pagan Meetup group — the moderator said my behavior at the last few meetups has been driving away both old and new members. This is interesting, as I have made several new friends at these meetups, and the last meetup was the largest gathering in over a year. Also at this meetup, an old member (in both senses of the word) gave me his address and phone number and offered to repair my guitars, and another member, who is having her witchy shop’s Grand Opening on Oct. 31, asked me to perform as much as I wanted to at this event.

Then I went to my Gmail, and found that I have been installed as Owner of the Ye Olde Pagans Yahoogroup. Nobody asked, but hey, I’ll do it so long as everyone else wants me to.

I seem to be doing all right as Moderator of the Stop Psychiatric Diagnosis Abuse group on Facebook, and get frequent emails from the prior Moderators to help me keep the group on task.

I have not gotten calls back on the jobs I’ve applied for.

Any ideas ?  The Universe is just not giving me good clues.




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