Cleaning Up

Sunshine came today and got almost all the rest of her stuff. I have a few days to get a mattress before she moves that. She brought her teacher with her, who is an old friend, so things were not too rough at any point — except that she was cold, and at the end gave me her cell phone (did not pay for last month’s use) and car insurance card (told me to take her off my insurance, which was saving her a bundle).  

I got some good stuff in the mail.  Ordered Mom’s Christmas present. Got a meeting tomorrow about the land for a new Gathering site for my Family.

Looks like I’ll get through this month and got a little help getting through the next couple.  Still need a job to actually make it all right.

As expected, Winter starts coming and I put on weight. My low this Summer was 209, I’m currently just over 220. Even so, that’s more than 20 pounds better than last Winter if I can keep it here.  New low predicted next Summer.




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