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I have been trying to get a full-size mattress. The one I’m sleeping on now belongs to Sunshine, and while she has nowhere to put it at present, she will soon and it is her property. (The box spring, frame, and headboard are mine, the mattress is hers, a Thermopedic.  My old mattress was given to another needy friend when Sunshine moved in.)

So I placed an ad on Craigslist. I’ve gotten 3 responses.

The first had a mattress and box spring they wanted to sell for $40. It was purchased new, and two months later the person who purchased it moved out. They also had some end tables and office chairs they would throw in for a total of $50.  It was about 30 miles away. Sounded good. 

The second had a mattress and box spring they wanted $50 for. It has been in storage. OK, I took my time getting back to that one.

The third had a mattress she purchased for $600 and found it was too soft, so she went and bought another bed. (What, no return policy?)  Still, she sounded dismayed when I told her the prices I was getting offered, she probably wanted more of a return on her “investment” than $40 or $50.

I scheduled a pickup on Mattress #1 yesterday. Then it rained all day. As the only way I had of moving it would be on top of my car (a sketchy enough proposition, as I would have to find a way through all of Knoxville to get home with a mattress on my car), I cancelled and tried to reschedule for today.  I got no response.  

The lady with Mattress #2 stayed in contact, hoping I could get back to her (my communications with her were not as good as they should be, on my part, as I pretty much had decided to get Mattress #1).  She said she had someone else coming Friday if I didn’t get there first.

I texted the person with Mattress #1 as soon as I got up this morning. Cloudy skies but no rain. She texted back saying they had decided to keep the mattress.

So I texted the lady with Mattress #2, told her I was jumping in the shower and would call for directions when I was ready to leave.  I did so, and have gotten no response.

So far, lots of texts and emails, no mattress, nowhere to go. I need to get this done before the next phase of Sunshine’s moving, which could be any day, probably Wednesday.

So that’s my story for now.  I’ll update later.





Update #1 – I just got email from the Mattress #2 lady… says her phone has been acting up. So we need to get in touch and I’ll go get that bed.


Update #2 – I went to town, got the money … and she never called or texted me back. I still don’t have a mattress. I called all the thrift stores in town, no luck. Called another couple Craigslist ads… still nothing.


Update #3 – I found a good used pillowtop mattress and box spring for $150 delivered… it’s from Craigslist, so both myself and the seller are still uncertain we’re involved in a “real transaction” until it’s over.  That’s about $150 more than I wanted to spend…


Update #4 – Lady with mattress #2 emailed me back complaining about my attitude and said *I* was bitching. Ya know, when you desperately need a mattress, have no way to get in touch with someone who claims her phone is not working, and have no clue where she lives other than town, have the money in your pocket, and call and text several times… well, I don’t think I did anything wrong, but then I usually don’t.


Final Update – I got the $150 mattress. Not quite top of the line, but very light for a full-size which is a good thing. I have texted Sunshine’s teacher and informed him. He said they would probably come Saturday.

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  1. lyllythlafay

    Well at least you got a bed bed bed…

  2. mordewis

    @lyllythlafay – The title was taken from a children’s book by They Might Be Giants.

  3. lyllythlafay

    Cute, reeaall cute

  4. lyllythlafay

    I should be getting my new bed in a month, lol…

  5. mordewis

    @rosenit – You are a malicious troll and a spammer. Go away.


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