I have noticed that my December has been an interesting ride (in the Chinese sense).

When I started November, I had virtually nothing I wanted or needed except a relationship (not a good one) with a woman who loved me. Today, through some very good luck and a lot of help from my mother, I have virtually everything I want and need except that I am not in a romantic relationship with anyone. Well, I could still use a better car; my old 1990 Pontiac is still holding together, but don’t know for how long.

I have upgraded my television (from a 29″ ancient Sharp tube-type to a 26″ Magnavox 720p), my computing (now have a Nook Simple Touch and a Zeki 7″ tablet), my seating (my recliner died, my ex’s recliner was taken away, all replaced by a double-reclining loveseat, something I have been trying to get for ages), I have a new musical instrument (Chromaharp), a new folding bookcase, I am shipping boxes full of books to a library in Nebraska which gives me even more room, I have a new(ish) bed (the mattress I had was owned by my ex and would go away anyhow, can’t sleep on a box spring), and my cat loves me again and spends virtually all available time in my lap.  I have paid off one old debt and almost paid off another, although I have added to a third.

I can’t say everything’s all roses. I still spend my evenings noticing that I am lonely. I have not fully picked up all the things I used to do before getting in that relationship, and am still ignoring emails from one site I used to be active on.

But it’s a start. At my age, new beginnings come less often so I am grateful.




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