Lost and Found

I went looking for one of my battery chargers, and started digging through the tools-and-cords drawers in the mess I have called a back bedroom. I opened the 3rd drawer and saw what looked like a cigar box, I just thought it was the one I used to store unsent cards…decided to open it anyhow. It was the jewelry box I thought had been stolen!  Yayyy. Note that I never accused anyone of stealing it, just mentioned to a few very very close friends that I thought it might have been stolen.  This box includes a lot of gifts, including a stained-glass Star of David pendant given me by Lynn Gold way back in the 80s and a lot of pins my father gave me.

Sunshine says she’s ready to be friends again. I’m still kinda shaky, but I’ll think about it.


PS – I didn’t find either of the battery chargers I was looking for. I did find an old Radio Shack unit, but I’m not sure it works on current rechargable batteries.




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