OK, so far, I have survived the Harmonic Convergence (or, as I refer to it, the Harmonica Virgins Concert), the Y2K Millennium bug hoax, the end of the Mayan Calendar (actually, will be a few thousand years before it is again), and THIRTY-NINE YEARS OF DRUGGING BY MY DOCTORS, followed by 9 years of attempting to recover from those damages. I’ve been married five times, handfasted twice in a non-legal ceremony (once in a legal ceremony, but that counts in the five marriages), engaged two or three times to women I never even got married or handfasted to… and then there are the various girlfriends I didn’t even get that far with…

Moved from Los Angeles to central Kansas to southern New Jersey to various spots in Colorado to Detroit to a couple cities in South Carolina, one in North Carolina, and now two in Tennessee…

I have performed (guitar and vocals) in ten states, either professionally or by invitation (most cons don’t pay me to play, a few have paid for my hotel room, others just invited me and hoped I’d be there).  I have nearly 130 songs recorded (some repeats).

While it would be nice to have a job, I am thankful that the US Government sees fit to pay me a stipend on a regular basis, and that I have a beat-up old trailer I can almost afford the rent on.

After 60 years, I’m still here. Get used to it.




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