A local church advertises regularly in the local paper that they have food boxes twice per month. The dates are published in the paper. The article says to call. I’ve called all week, no response. Today was the day for the pickup, so I drove up there. 35 mile round trip and the church was locked up tight as a drum.  Had a further stressor on my drive back, but I dealt with it.

Still don’t know if I have a place for New Year’s Eve. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe another.




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  1. wiccaaspirations

    Good, so someone who likes “looking for shelters” for people now knows that we are telling the truth when we say they don’t exist. Please spread this information to everyone.

  2. mordewis

    @wiccaaspirations – I’m not sure if I know what your point is. I have worked for years and years in homeless issues, outside of established organizations. I set up the first-ever membership organization for homeless people, in Asheville, and ran it for 5 years. It was designed by homeless people for homeless people. We could not get together enough to start a business or shelter, but provided information on what was available and what hoops had to be jumped through to access those services. I now live in rural eastern TN, outside of Knoxville.


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