Sunshine in Shelter

I’ve been trying to get housing for my ex. Finally came up with a good idea, and she’s there now. It’s temporary, and it’s a homeless shelter, although for women only and not in the Big City. Will be a lot closer for her to get to her new job.

She came by and picked up more stuff. Nothing went wrong, but all my muscles are trying to un-knot. I’m surprised it still hurts so much.

Might still be a few things back in the back bedroom, but it has been gone through lightly several times.

I don’t have anywhere to go tonight. Will be a rough New Year’s Eve. Almost did, but we know about almosts.




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  1. wiccaaspirations

    That’s pretty fucked up. You “love” her but won’t let her live with you? Or she doesn’t want to? Which is fucked up. Don’t know what you mean by the “big city,” but it is definitely a good thing that it’s not there. The ones in Chicago are all disgusting, dirty, and dangerous, whereas in the suburbs, if one existed anyway, it would make sense to exist.

  2. mordewis
  3. mordewis

    @mordewis – My concept of what it means to be in a relationship and Sunshine’s are more than 90 degrees apart, to the point where it is painful in the extreme to live together. Neither one of us deserves that pain. She has chosen to sleep on a friend’s couch for weeks rather than “come home”, and was running out of the amount of time that friend would let her stay. The shelter involved is an all-women’s shelter in a small town, much nicer than most and moving soon to even nicer quarters. It is also within two towns of where her new job is.


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