Home again

I am home after having a terrific time at GAFilk. Got 4 songs recorded to add to my online stuff (and stuff on computer), also found my concert from 2 years ago at Chattacon (almost an hour long) on the same SD card. Had a great time, even did TWO dances (twice as many as last year, one with Cat Faber… and probably those are the only three times I’ve done any dancing in the past 20 years). Pretty much ran the Alternate Filk Saturday night and the Ecumenifilk on Sunday 11-1. I got a compliment from Bill Sutton (!) for the way I ran the Ecumenifilk. I already registered for next year’s con at a $15 discount… just have to find the money for the trip and the hotel room.

I took my old friend Sky with me, and she did not enjoy it as much. She was having major league nerve problems and so was in pain all weekend. But she did enjoy it… Don’t know if I can get her to go to one again.

Dottie was glad to see me, yowled for me to feed her right up until I did. I hate leaving her alone for 3 days but she should be used to it from my attendance at Festivals during the warm parts of the year.




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  1. mordewis

    I was somewhat disappointed by the audio, apparently my voice was not in its best form — or I really sound like that.


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