Second Day of Con Report

This is going to be posted backwards, as it is easiest to remember events from the most recent back.

The “Alternate” Filk was a hit and a hoot. Got to be larger than the “Main” filk. We had Talis Kimberly. We had Dave Clement. We had Sandy. We had Amy. And of course, me, Marshall, Gary Ehrlich, Sherman Dorn, and many others. Having Sandy and Dave in the room meant I got to perform “Mary Ellen-or Rigby” for Canadians, in fact, for Canadians who were dyed-in-the-wool Stan Rogers fans.  I got to play most of what I set out to play. Came to bed with Marshall sometime around 4;30. 

The Banquet was not that great again food-wise but was not rubber. I actually was asked to dance by Cat Faber, who leads rather well, I’m glad to say, and the lady who asked me to dance last year did as well, so I had two dances rather than the one I had last year.
My TwoforTen concert had me singing “Hands of God”, which I did rather well, and “Scale”, with Cat Faber watching. Some of my friends were busy watching Cat, who was smiling and crying the whole way through, so I must have done well (note that she asked me to dance at the Banquet, which was well after this).
Guess that’s most of what I remember. Oh, I did have some periods of not knowing whether to be happy or cry, and talked to Sky about that. The difference between being at a con with so many friends and being at home alone is enormous. I also do not know whether I can afford to go to another con, although I am scheduling ConCarolinas at the end of May and GAFilk again next year. No way of knowing if the money for those will happen.

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