What Took You So Long?

That’s the working title of my CD. I posted a kickstarter project on Indiegogo.com, asking for $650… the more I get above this number, the more CDs I can produce, but that’s about the minimum.  Already I have almost $150 donated…


What Took You So Long?


I am overwhelmed by the quickness of the project. Over 20% donated in less than 24 hours.  Wow.   Of course, I could have been MORE overwhelmed, but people better-known than I am are struggling to get their projects funded.




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  1. mordewis

    I have some of my music — and all of my own lyrics — on my website, http://mosshippohaven.info, and my friend princeshoko1 has a few videos of me, if you’re interested in checking further.

  2. mordewis

    At the 24-hour mark of the campaign, I have 9 funders for a total of $185. Wow.


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