Everything appears to be working…

Of course, appearances can be deceiving. 

The Indiegogo project is, on its face, fully funded, YAYYYY! I still need more to be comfortable about putting out sufficient quantities of the CD, but no more can the site hold over my head its higher level of fees for underfunded projects.

I spent some time with my dear friend Jevim the other night. It’s so hard to decide what to say and what not to, but we had the most powerful ritual I’ve ever been involved in (and statements from her say she felt the same). It went so well that it would be very easy to project the outcomes to areas where they don’t need to go … or maybe need to go but the time is not right … and it’s too soon to even worry about outcomes at all. It was powerful, it was magickal, it helped, and part of me seem to fit together much better than ever. It at least vindicates my long-held theory that there’s a good man in here waiting to be put together with loving help.

I’m getting ready to visit my ex-gf, Nan. She has been doing a lot of work on herself… or discovered that the things she did to me did not work to bind me to her… and as I am a forgiving soul and need the love of my friends, I will spend a couple nights there and see what happens.  I can leave at any time.  I can also bring Sky her coats back which she inadvertently left in my car when we went to GAFilk earlier this month.

There is a strength inside me I have not felt before… but the little kid cringing in fear is still rearing his little head all too often.  Have to get that integrated. May it be soon.




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