Moving Day

I just had a horrible moving day. Only got about 80% of my stuff moved, still have my tool dresser, filing cabinets, tents, and some other items to go. Then we went to Amy’s and moved about 80% of her stuff. Meanwhile, I was running on empty but required to keep running, and my behavior goes downhill in those circumstances, all energy being used to get done what I can. I apparently pissed everyone off including my new love (who saw something I said to another of our helpers as slighting my love). Probably didn’t piss Bobby off. Might have pissed Amy off but think I got that rounded up.  I think I have made good with my Lady, but she is a Capricorn and is well aware of her tendency to take longer to get over things than I do.

And now her living room is crammed full of shyt nobody knows what to do with and where to put… and my Lady is taking the day off. Wish I could, but still more to do.

We’ve tried to get rid of some things we didn’t need. Succeeded in some, not others.




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