While self-diagnosis can be a very bad thing, I have suspected for decades that I had some form of autism, and a few years ago some people from a local Asperger’s Syndrome support group recognized it too and invited me to their group (I never went, sadly).  Well, I found a test online, and scored pretty high on it — on a 50-question test with 4 levels of answer, and a score of 33 meaning that you had an 80% chance of an autistic disorder, I scored 34 last night … and 38 this morning.  (I re-took the test at a second site, but it was the same test.)

Autism is the “missing puzzle piece” syndrome. Everybody says you are just not getting it, or you’re being too literal… here’s a quote from the website:  “Autism and Asperger syndrome are similar in terms of their inability to create and maintain social relationships. The verbal expression of an individual with autism might be limited or even non-existent although certain characteristics can also be observed by individuals with Asperger syndrome.  Despite their developed vocabulary and normal intelligence they are unable to socialize in an acceptable manner.  Their speech is overly formal and/ or too literal. During interactions with peers their behavior is deemed socially and emotionally inappropriate; this is also true for individuals with autism. They possess similar traits in their inability to understand nonverbal signs and gestures.” (

I really think I have been doing well, but always NOT WELL ENOUGH. I have used my decent intelligence to logic my way through things, but always felt like I was on a different planet, not the one that was Home.

I am blessed that my Lady is wanting to understand, and has promised we will get through it together. I have far too much going for me for this to put me back again.




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  1. lyllythlafay

    I have suspected for the past 2 years of my having dyslexia!

  2. mordewis

    @lyllythlafay – Being dyslexic is actually quite common, but only a few people have it to the level of it being a disability. Reversing a few letters is not so disabling, scrambling whole sentences or seeing them backwards is. Dyxelsics have more fnu!


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