The last two nights I have told my Jevim that I am so lucky to have found her. She has responded with different ways to tell me that she, or they (her and Wraithe), are the lucky ones. That is the proof of good luck, when everyone feels they have the best end of the deal.

I think I’ve mention that I read to our daughter every night at bedtime. (Well, there have been a few lapses in the “every night” but nothing of consequence, and she always makes me make up for it later.)  Before I started doing this, she was having trouble sleeping in her bed at night. We would find her sleeping on the living room floor, in Amy’s room, in the loveseat… Since the reading has been going on, she sleeps in her own bed, goes to sleep quickly, and it is difficult to wake her up in the morning LOL.

I don’t know if I mentioned here that the basement sump pump died. In fact, the second or third backup died; we were using a backup when I moved in, and it died, and we found another submersible pump in the bottom of the sump. I took the original to a pump place, and found that it was cheaper to replace it (with a better pump). I didn’t have the money two days ago, bought the pump yesterday…  and discovered trying to install it that the outlet was designed for a 2″ pipe, where the guy at the pump place knew that we had a 1-1/2″ pipe. So I have to go back this morning and either get an adapter or get a different adapter and we can use the hose that we were using on the backup submersible sump pump.

I couldn’t have done it at all without my mother, who gave us a substantial amount of money to help. We didn’t get done fixing things, but it helped.  After I get the sump pump installed, we still have to fix the hot water heater… and getting that done will cut our electric bill substantially, since we are taking baths by heating water on the stove.  Sort of like camping out, but with better shelter.

I think I mentioned my autism test. I’m not sure the test is scored correctly — it seems to use no point system for whether a statement slightly applies to you or fully applies to you, or slightly does not apply or fully does not apply. Nonetheless, I took the test again and got a 38, an even higher score. I’m not sure whether I was more honest or that I merely understood better the responses they wanted.

But I remembered some things about my early childhood, mostly from stories I was told, and put 2 and 2 together for the first time. I had remembered these stories, just did not connect them.

One story I was told a lot by my mother and brother was that I didn’t talk at all until I was nearly 3 years old. (I apparently was happy so they didn’t care so much, and after I started talking I was constantly crying and sad, but that is another story which I have already connected.)

Another story is that I was reading before I turned 4 years old. Confirmed by a story which I partially remember, saying that when I was 4-1/2, I would sit on the back of the couch and make my mother read the newspaper to me — and correct every word she read wrong. (When I was in 1st Grade everyone was still describing pictures in books, and I was reading at a 4th-grade level — and doing 2nd Grade math homework, from the teacher who had my brother the year before, and getting the highest marks in her class.)

Here’s the autism connection in all this: First, not talking until so late; second, how many children are reading within a year of starting to talk? I remember reading words by syllables and sounds, not individual letters (maybe I had an Egyptian life in there after all, LOL).

Guess that’s enough for now.




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