Song List for CD “All the Love”

Here is the final list of songs selected for the CD (order to be determined):

A Boy and His Dog (original lyrics, based on “A Boy and His Frog” by T. Smith)
All the Diamonds In the World (B. Cockburn)
All the Love In the World (original)
Blood Love (original)
Dancing At Whitsun (J. Martin/Traditional)
Dolphin Story (C. Schmidt)
Every Day of the Year (original)
Fifty Years Ago (original)
Harris and the Mare (S. Rogers)
Just One Angel (A. Ratshin)
The Last Wolf (original)
Mother Forgive Them (original)
Now It’s My Turn (original)
Raven and Crow (original)
The Road to Cairo (D. Ackles)
Scale (C. Faber)
When Giants Walked (K. Mar)

In addition, there are 35 “rough cuts” (a few first drafts did not need polishing to include on the final CD, there are 37 songs total). Anyone who has donated $50 will get all of them.

Songs not selected for CD:
All Kinds of Kinds (D. Henry)
All That Is (G. Rogers)
Carry Me, Carrie (S. Silverstein)
Cassiopeia (S. Stajich)
First Christmas (S. Rogers
Ghost (A. Ray, E. Saliers)
Hands of God (J. Ecklar)
Hard Love (B. Franke)
Hoof and Horn (original lyrics, tune G. Bok)
Links on the Chain (P. Ochs)
Lullaby for a Weary World (T. Burnside-Clapp)
Mary Ellen-or Rigby (original lyrics, S. Rogers tune))
Safe in the Harbour (E. Bogle)
Sweet Dr. Jane (original lyrics, J. Taylor tune)
The House of Orange (S. Rogers)
The Living In Me (C. Rosser)
The Moment Slipped Away (C. Lavin)
The Word of God (C. Faber)
Tiny Fish for Japan (S. Rogers)
You Were Loved (M. Weissman/J. Lloyd)

OK, I thought I had 5 more songs than that… I’ll do some checking. I know I have more tracks, where I have the rough cut and the polished track, in one case two polished tracks (I didn’t like the first try).




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