New job?

I emailed a resume to a company Monday. TWO different staff members asked me to come in and fill out an application on Tuesday. I did so. It was LONG, about 14 pages, with questions I’ve never seen but which were very crucial to the job. They set me up for an interview on Thursday (today). I went. I had my interview. They ran frantically around the office trying to find a manager to do my SECOND interview on the spot. After that, they took me down the hall for the drug test. All passed with flying colors. They offered me $9 per hour to start, about $1 more per hour than usual. I have to wait for them to complete the background check though, which they said would take a week to a week-and-a-half.  After which, I start (PAID) training. There’s a 90 day probation period. If they continue to put me in places where I can excel, and they seem to have a lot of those, I should have this job for quite a while… again, if I pass the background check, and I can’t think of a reason why I shouldn’t.

The position is direct care of handicapped people. They will likely keep me with the high-functioning ones, as I can help those better than almost anyone.

The irony is that the company is based in Asheville.




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