Good News And Then Some

I got the job!  I go in on Monday to fill out the New Hire paperwork, then start two weeks of training on May 6th. I have to score 80+% on ALL modules to get placed in a working position.

And I just heard from Randy Hoffman. He and a group of others are paying my way to Confluence as a Special Filk Guest. Hotel room and conference fees are paid, plus up to $125 for travel and $35 for meals. I’m in heaven — I’ll get to showcase my music, including a concert and filk room events, and might even have the CD out in time for that! (might be pushing it, but it’s possible)

Spent the last week weedwhacking and gardening. I love working with my honey. Most of the time she loves me working with her… sometimes she gets the idea I’m just trying to be in her face and feels crowded, and I have no idea when those times are — today we had both, and I still can’t really see the difference. Maybe she’s stressed out over something, and the gardening helps with the stress? (the bad time happened in the hour BEFORE gardening)

Still have not found any help or support for my Asperger’s except for a couple people online, but I found two more email addresses to write to in Knoxville and wrote to them yesterday. Hope they get back to me.




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