Facing it

Things still move ahead. I am sometimes getting enough sleep. We had a busy weekend, throwing a Croning Party and Ritual for one of Jevim’s long-time friends on Saturday and a Birthday Party for our daughter, Wraithe, yesterday (today is her birthday, she is 8). And now I had to get up early, I have all-day class through Thursday. I don’t sleep well without my honey next to me, so I mostly lay in bed mostly awake from 9:30 until about 1 when my sweetie finally came to bed. Might do better tomorrow.

Class this week will make me a more valuable employee, able to administer medications to my people at work. This is the last step of my training, except for annual recerts and such.

I have been wearing out at work. I wanted to work 20 hours per week, and got pushed up to 25. I think I need to work 4 5-hour days, not 5 4-hour days, and have asked my supervisor for that. My timing was not the best, as he is on vacation until tomorrow, but he said he’d get back to me.

It’s really hard to go from barely being able to take care of myself in (essentially) an apartment to taking care of a beautiful woman, her daughter, and a crumbling house, plus having to go back to work in order to pay for things. At age 60. I bit off more than I can chew, but I’m chewing frantically. Hard to get everything you always wanted all at once, makes for a difficult adjustment, especially if you can’t always get enough sleep… and have the issues I have.




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