Turning the corner

Sunday I shaved my beard off. It was a drastic measure, but one I take about once a year. It had been well over a year this time.

And by Monday, I felt as good as I had in a long time.

For those of you who believe in energy and such, the explanation is likely to be that I was holding lots of built-up negative energy in the beard. I believe this. There is another mitigating factor — I had not smoked my pipe in over 2 months (or anything else) and have been smoking it since Saturday to relax, so the ingredients in the tobacco might have also relaxed me some. But I smoked it on Saturday and did not feel significantly better on Sunday.

My doctor has increased my blood pressure medication. I usually don’t take any medication, but my pressure has been high enough to listen to my doctor when she prescribed it two weeks ago. It does not seem to be working, but I’ll give it a shot. I go see her again in an hour.

I wish I had gotten another hour or two of sleep last night. But I figure by the end of the week I will be caught up on sleep, and that’s the only measure I had been dreadfully under on.




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