Swami Beyondananda

I was asked about the quote at the top of my page. It was said by Steve Bhaerman, a political comic who writes and performs under the name “Swami Beyondananda”. His website, for your edification, is http://wakeuplaughing.com .

Other comments (available as refrigerator magnets) include:

The best way to illuminate the darkness is to make light of it.

Each of us is totally unique — just like everyone else.

The Creator is watching the Comedy Channel and we are what’s on.

Living in the now will be the wave of the future.

Why don’t we go for “Heaven on Earth” just for the hell of it?

I have expanded my mind so much I can no longer fit through my door … I had to go to a shrink.

Life is a sitcom — so sit calm and enjoy it.

The sky is not falling — we are ascending.

I cannot stress enough how stressful stress can be.

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