Must Be Unique

I have an easy job, one I could do with almost no effort. I tell people about this job. They look at me like I’m an alien and tell me they couldn’t do it, or tell me they don’t have the qualifications (mostly a good heart and a good driving record with a valid drivers license).

i go to a guy’s house. I sit with him and talk to him. Yes, he says the same thing over an over, but it’s all he knows and he needs someone to talk to him. I sometimes help with making dinner, I make sure he gets his medications at the end of my shift. What else I do is up to me — many of the employees just sit and watch TV when not doing something essential, some get very creative, and one actually does her homework towards a degree in nursing.

The job pays better than McDonalds (almost $2 an hour better), for very little stress and work. You just have to know what to do when something happens, and know to do the essential things. You can even get your guy to help you with them if s/he can.

The company I work for can’t find enough workers. Yes, it’s a very long application, that’s part of the screening process. Yes, they do drug testing and background checks. But they also offer full health coverage (after 6 months) for full time employees and other good benefits. They also offer 3 weeks of paid training, and continuing trainings throughout your employment (also paid).

Am I that weird? Why are there so many unemployed people but so many of this kind of job — helping people — open?

My company operates in 11 NC markets, 4 TN markets, and are looking to open an office in GA. If you live in those areas, need a job, and can do this stuff, feel free to contact me.

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