Quietly Busy

Having an interesting weekend alone. My lady and our other housemate are off at the women’s gathering, and my baby girl is spending the weekend at her aunt’s. I’m getting lots done, although there are still things on my list. I have not gotten my monthly paycheck yet, and my biweekly one comes Thursday, so I don’t have any money; I don’t have the car so, other than walking, there is nowhere to go. I’ve had a couple friends offer to visit, and then cancelled. I have not done any music yet but might tonight. A few college football games to watch, none of them have captured my attention yet. So I’m mostly just taking care of the house and animals. I got a lot of laundry done yesterday, vacuumed and some cleaning today (still have some to do), and got the stuff printed to (a) run my workshop at Harvest and (b) make some bread. I’ve even got the flour mix put together, something I should have done months ago. Hard to feel accomplished; harder not to.

I just learned my friend Cat Faber has been nominated for a Pegasus Award for Best Composer. My best wishes go out to her.

Still no news on when or whether I can get my CD printed. I’m thinking about just offering it on Bandcamp.com but I’m a little intimidated by the site.

I did get a few more beads for my sweetie. Can’t pay for them until my paycheck comes in, but the prices were too good to leave on the table.


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