Monthly Archive: October 2013


I’m at home with Baby Girl tonight. Honey went to a Hallowe’en party, not sure when she’ll be home. We’re doing well. Went to the park with Mushu (Husky), watching football and playing games.

I have sold exactly 3 copies of my downloadable CD. This does not include the copies downloaded by the generous people who sent money to record it. Several people have said they WILL buy it, but that’s all that has happened to date.

For the record, I also have several malas (meditation bead necklaces) and similar things for sale at . Any sales will help us get through. It isn’t easy supporting a lady and child on Disability and a part time job, and I’d rather do business than beg. But if begging helps…



A friend bought my CD (you can too, at ) and he liked it so much he paid for advertising for it on a site he had control over.

BFE Family Just Fine

It stuck me the other day that with myself, Honey and Baby Girl, our last name initials come out to BFE. Some of you will know why I think that’s funny, and Honey got a good laugh out of it.

We have been doing just fine lately. The lack of a certain negative energy in our house has been extremely beneficial. Of course we still have our own problems, but it becomes more aware all the time how much we all love each other. It’s a shame we don’t have enough money to make it.

Still, it’s good to know that there is nothing wrong with us that a few hundred dollars per month would not go a long way toward fixing, a couple thousand actually fix a few things, and the American Dream of having everything you need would be close to hand with just a small tweaking of our finances (like, if my debt got cleared off the books and I stopped stoking the furnaces by buying more things).


Day Off

I finally got my regular schedule back at work, M-F 3-8 pm. Makes for a longer work week, but don’t have to pick up extra shifts to pay the bills. As much as they can be paid. But without a vehicle, I have to run around today on the bus or get a ride in order to spend the last of my paycheck, er, get the last few things on the list.

It sure would be nice if we had money left over, so we could do things like repair our damaged van, fix the lawnmower so we stop getting “overgrown yard” tickets from the City ($160 fine), and maybe go out to eat. Honey complains I haven’t taken her out on a date yet (ever), and boy would I love to but there’s never any money left. Heck,this month I couldn’t afford my $33.31 phone bill, have to limp along on 500 minutes.

There are people who had committed to helping us. Some of those are still helping in small ways, but those who had made major commitments have all bailed.

Our housemate has been in and out of here. When she’s here, the rent she pays really helps. When she isn’t, it’s additional stress and things just don’t get don’t get done.

Ideas are welcome. Don’t know how to start a fundraiser. We can’t cut expenses any further without defaulting. Prayers are welcome, dollars more so.

I have finished more than 40 knit caps this year. Have donated all but the last few. People tell me I should sell them, but the yarn was donated because I am donating the hats. However, I’m out of yarn except for bits and pieces, and might want to start selling them if I buy the yarn myself. Anyone interested?  FYI, I’ve made and donated at least 900 hats over the past 7 years.



Last night I thought I might be losing my 5th shift each week. Can’t keep doing Sunday mornings without getting a ride, until we have the car fixed or another one. This morning I got it back. Whew.

We’ve been having some really rough times in the US lately. Some idiots who want poor people to have nothing shut down the government for a couple weeks. And the other idiots waste their time calling me a tool of the left because I think people deserve better than we are getting under the current generation of robber barons.

It’s simple. The workers create the wealth. At certain times in our history, the company owners paid the workers a decent percentage of the wealth they created. During these times, the entire nation prospered, regardless of the tax rate on the company owners (sometimes as high as 60%, sometimes as low as 29%, but it’s below that now and there are lots of dodges that can make it 0%). The wealthy have figured out that they fund the government, and are trying to buy the government so they don’t have to fund so much. This leaves all the people who created their wealth, either as workers or consumers, with nothing. OK, just a little more than nothing. This is not a good economy.

If you disagree, stop reading. Shouldn’t bother too many, the most number of readers to this blog to date has been 10.


Not Begging

I need about $1000 to fix the van, hurt in the traffic accident already reported. Instead of asking people to give me money, I’m asking people to buy my downloadable CD. The cost is $10 for 18 songs… if get 100 sales, that means more people have access to my music, and I can fix the van.

Ow and Stress

Yesterday my Honey got in a car accident. The details are somewhat fuzzy between the varying reports, but our car is probably totaled (have to get out to the tow place to see and remove it) and Honey got the ticket. I’m trying to find a way to fight it, so far no luck but haven’t given up yet. Of course we are stressed and there have been arguments which should not have happened. Mom is helping some but we can’t get near to being “made whole”.

Rolling along

Just thought I’d post I’m having some pretty good days. Work has been rough in spots but is still not physically stressful. Honey is sick but she loves me. Baby Girl is wonderful as always. Well, as much as a little girl can be, LOL.

Honey is off at the doctor’s this morning and left Baby Girl with me. We’re getting some good D-D time and I love her so much.


Rough Day

Wow. Rough day. Got up early early and went to work. Had lots of problems at work. After work, I went to Connie’s and picked up a lawnmower, then came home and mowed the lawn, and then took the lawnmower back. Have had a shower now after cooking dinner. Hurting in places I didn’t know I could hurt. But it’s back to work tomorrow, regular afternoon hours.



Have I mentioned lately that my new recording, “All the Love”, is available for sale as MP3 downloads at ? I really want to get the money to PRINT the CD, but in the meantime there is no reason you can’t purchase and listen to the music. I really knocked myself out on this project, with a lot of help from Trevis Harricharan.

And my Facebook Music page is over 100 Likes… can we go for 200?