Happy Yule

Been quiet for a while. Things are going along, up and down. Been working too many hours, having good and bad times. Baby Girl was ecstatic about her Yule presents from us. I came down with a cold, light as usual but still several days of fighting it. Having some trouble sleeping.

I’m at risk of losing my Disability. My boss has needed me more hours than I should be working. I really think 20 hour weeks are more than I can handle, but I’ve been doing 25 for a while and now two extra shifts, one 6 and one 8 hours. If I lose this, I’ll have to either quit, get fired, or wind up in the hospital, because I would have to work 57 hours per week to make the money I’m making now and I’m going crazy with stress now. However, it’s good to know my boss considers me a valuable employee.

I finished a Challenge I ran on a SparkPeople.com SparkTeam. Came in 5th. Starting another. My low weight this month was 204.4, a new low…and I’m still in the 205-208 range, lower than last year’s low weight. That’s good news. Hope I can finally break 200 but maybe not this year.




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