Yearly Archive: 2014


Happy New Year, ME.

If the stars align properly and I follow their instruction, I *could* get entirely out of debt by this time next year. I pledge to do at least half that, and will be happy if I get to 2/3rds, but it sure would be great to meet the full goal.

I have gained weight this year, from 205 to 246. I hope to lose at least to 220. This means I will need to take my weight more seriously, and find time to walk and/or exercise every week.

I still need to complete ANY assignments toward my Barding. I pledge to complete all assignments this year, if at all possible.

Will I still have my job this time next year? That would be a record for me. I’m at 19 months now, and the longest I have held a job to date has been 27 months.

Can I stay out of any and all relationships? I hope so. Losing sight of that goal will seriously impact the first goal.

I have a housemate right now. If she can stay for the full year, it will be much easier to meet my other goals, IF we can keep it fairly stress-free.

Guess that’s enough for one year. See you next year to count the successes and failures.


Got Help

An old friend needed a place to stay for some length of time, probably not exceeding a year. I got permission from my landlord, and over the past two weekends moved her in. She has her own room. So far things appear to be working. This will allow me to get caught up even more quickly on my debt — there is some (outside) chance I might be out of debt by next Yule… I’ll be happy to do more than cut it in half.

Nothing much going on. Work is being work. No concerts scheduled yet for 2015. I have one convention scheduled at my expense, and hope to be able to schedule another in May.



Post-Holiday Cheer

I have one batch of homemade beer on the shelf conditioning (ready to refrigerate and drink 1/5) and another batch in the barrel (ready to bottle for conditioning 1/5)… and a third batch of wort ready to go when the barrel is free again.




Help requested

I would like to pass along a request for help. Kayla Dodd, a Family member in the mid 2000s, has asked for magickal help. Her second son is currently shared custody between her and his father. She has evidence the father has been beating and otherwise abusing him. She also says the father intends to take the child and move to Texas. She can’t afford a good lawyer and the one she has is not good; his family has good lawyers.
Kayla would like to ask for protection for her son, John Winterbower, and whatever is ethical to keep him from being taken away from her to Texas. The father’s name is Timothy “TJ” Winterbower. I have pictures of the father, the son, and the marks of abuse itself if anyone wants them.
She says the father does not want John, he just wants to take him so he doesn’t have to pay her child support. She doesn’t care about the money, just the child.
Please help.

Housemate Help

I drove to Asheville yesterday to pick up my old friend Sky St. Martha. She’s going to be moving into my extra bedroom, which will help a lot with getting my finances up to snuff. Gotta take her back today and then go get her for a final time on Saturday. Less stress on my finances, and she is reliable and trustworthy.


I ordered two old-but-running ASUS Eee PCs off eBay last week. the first one, a 900A, arrived today; the second, a 1001H, was shipped today. I’m cleaning them up, fixing them up, upgrading them as needed, and will keep one, selling or giving away the other. I could probably sell either one for what I paid for both… but I do have a soft spot, and there are people who could really use one of these that don’t have $50.

Yule Party

Friday night was the guys’ Christmas Party, thrown by the company I work for, RHA. It was some fun, some very much not fun, as my guy can’t take crowds for long and can’t handle anticipation (gifts after dinner — as soon as dinner was over he was moaning “I don’t get none”). I did manage to keep him calm enough until he got his box, but pretty much had to get him out of there after the presents were over.

In the end, I worked an hour of overtime, as we didn’t get home until 8:30 and I still had to get him ready for bed, wash his socks, and administer his meds.

Meanwhile, my own Family’s Yule Part was underway and I was itching to get there. I am proud that I put my job over my own needs this once (as my guy’s needs are very real and that’s what I signed up for). But as soon as I could get to the car and leave, I did. I still had to stop off and get some wrapping stuff for my shared gift (we bring one gift, and draw numbers to pick whatever gift looks intriguing — I took some expensive incense, I got a pine bottle of Mtn Dew mead brewed by 5). I’m jumping ahead, as the gift tree was Saturday night.

I took Rosaleen, my harp, on Friday night, as well as a bag of my hats to give away. Had a good time, got unwound, had to drive home. In all, I might have been there 2 hours before I found myself getting tired enough to need to leave. I got back Saturday morning, just before noon. Early for me.

Great day yesterday. So many of the people who loved me were there, some people I didn’t know well (in a small enough setting that I got a chance to know them better), etc. I think I stayed until 11 pm — there was frost I had to scrape/melt off the car, I think that was the first time this Winter. I got quite a lot of good comments about my harping (I also allowed Will and Alianna to play it, which really got them lit up with glee).

When I woke up this morning, I remembered a dream, and it had to do with taking care of my guy, JM. I posted it to my dream notebook. Suffice it to say that I have rarely dreamed for the past couple years, had one I didn’t remember long enough to write down a week ago, and this is certainly the first time I dreamed about my guy and this job. I’ve had the job since May 2013, must be sinking in to my subconscious.

Hope you all have a good holiday season whatever you celebrate.


Grassroots for Peace

You want to see the way things ought to work in the world?

Several years ago, I donated $35 to a campaign called Project Asset. This project took the daughters of sex workers in India and taught them computer skills so they had an option that did not mean following their mothers’ line of work. While Project Asset is now a multi-million dollar effort, that is not the measure of its success. The measure of its success is the dozens of college graduates and hundreds of high school graduates who would not have had a chance if the program did not exist. It is even the cooperation of local criminal elements, who completely left undisturbed the training centers which were built in the middle of the worst parts of the worst towns despite containing thousands of dollars of computer equipment.

One of Project Asset’s partners, Kailash Satyarthi, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the effect we are having.

Project Asset was started by a student at a major Arizona university (sorry, I don’t remember whether it was Arizona or Arizona State). Her father chipped in a little. I chipped in a little. Some of my friends chipped in a little. Eventually, they attracted larger donors, and in the past few years even started getting funds from nations and even the UN.

It doesn’t take much to fix the world. It starts with caring.

Happy Birthday To Me

I survived another rocky trip around our homestar. I’m getting emails from places online I haven’t visited in at least 5 years, not to mention the birthday wishes from Facebook “friends” I have no clue who they are… but the good stuff too. Hope the next year is as good as this one was.


Quiet Time

I assure you, lots of good things are happening in my life. More articles in Peppermint & Sage, more friends to talk to, good things on the computer front (like a Pogoplug as a birthday present), and I’m finally starting to lose weight again (I’ve been gaining like mad since getting free into my own apartment, was up to 242 after being 204 when I moved in). But right now I’m all about getting myself together.

One old friend has bladder cancer and decided that fighting it was harder than giving in, so he has moved (12 hours away rather than 2) to be closer to his remaining family. Another is trying to raise money for a car she can live in, which, again, would take her farther than 2 hours away.

No Thanksgiving invitations… well, actually, two, but I work 3 to 8 pm. One starts at 4 and the other is a 2-hour drive away (and I’d have to drive back, and work again on Friday). So I guess that removes one possibility for weight gain. I’d love to have some people to just hang with.

Psych drugs — completely free since Nov 2003
Music — no scheduled concerts, GAFilk in January is my next con, hoping to get to ConCarolinas in May.
Spirituality — Phamily’s Yule Gather is coming up soon
Age — I get to turn 61 solar cycles next week
Health — Doing pretty well. Blood pressure in check with only one lite med, getting an injection every other week, taking lots of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.
Pets — Cecil and Narasimha, my two black kitty brothers, are wonderful to me when they are not beating each other up. Ariadne got fed this week, but I haven’t yet gotten Salazar to eat (both are royal pythons).
Neighbors — I have new neighbors across the hall in #6, but they just moved from one of the apartments up front. Haven’t gotten to know them yet.

So overall I’m feeling connected but alone, healthy but with issues, safe, and my job is still good. I even got a $0.27/hr raise the other week…