Monthly Archive: January 2014

Family Matters

I wish my honey’s family would leave me alone. My blog is not for debates or shaming. There are two sides to every story and you’re only getting one side with anger and venting. I am not going to approve anything on these lines and will NOT vent against her so you’re not going to learn anything bad here.






Weight Loss

I was just talking to my SparkTeam about my recent weight gain (I got down to 204 this Winter, am back up to 209) when I decided to go look up what I weighed January 21 last year. To my surprise, the number was 232. And I just now looked up my weight Jan. 21, 2012 — 242.5. I’m happy.



Unless something major happens, I will likely be taking time off from the blog for a while.

I have also purchased the domain name, , and intend to (a) change my website, , to that domain and (b) move this blog there. Could be messy but would be nice to have all my stuff in one place.

I have had zero activity at and will likely either remove that site altogether or set it up at peacefulhippo. Again, no use hanging myself out there for nothing.

Many thanks to the friends who have been supporting me through my current issues. You are very much loved and appreciated.


Low Resolution

I did not make any New Year’s resolutions this year. Right now, I’m not feeling in control of my life, so I would not have any idea what I could keep or even what I want to keep. Maybe I’ll make some in March.

Friday I got the laundry done. Yesterday the dishes and still had two loads of laundry. Today the catboxes and trash (I hope – still working on that and don’t have a key to the back gate). Not bad for living in a house I’m moving out of, and with nobody home but me and the animals.

Guess there is nothing earth-shaking in today’s blog. Sorry.

Hanging Out With Myself

Got home from work last night with nobody home. Was expecting someone. Texted Honey. She said she would be gone for the weekend. Nice to know in advance.

Computer is working sorta OK. I went ahead and started setting Puppy up. At this point, I can’t get the computer to recognize a boot disk automatically, but if I hold Esc down while booting it brings up a menu which includes a choice to boot off the DVD drive, so I can get to Puppy if I want to. So I have to research how to get it to boot automatically, and have to get my programs installed again.

Waiting to hear on the van.  No responses yet on new housing.

I finally got around to writing my next article for Peppermint and Sage ezine. Glad I got that done… not sure whether I’m actually saying something, and hope I get some responses. Should be on time for the next article, nothing major in the way of me writing. Who knows, I might even do some research for it… naw LOL



Van Morrison to be resurrected

OK, that title is intentionally misleading. Morrison is what I named my 2000 Ford Windstar. But I have the money to fix it, if it can be done within the amount originally quoted, and the people have come to take it away to do so.

There is some chance it may not happen — if the cost is significantly higher than I was quoted, I told them (as they are also scrap car dealers) to tell me how much they would give me for it. I would then take the money I have and the money they give me and get something else (after rescuing all my stuff from the van).

But it’s progress, and moving on is good right now.


GAFilk… aka Heaven

Despite all my fears (Headline: Aspie takes Megabus for First Time), I made all my connexions and got to GAFilk right around 7:20 pm Friday. Missed the Opening Ceremonies but caught some good concerts. I was dead tired, but no way was I going to miss the Open Filk, and I got my licks in but good. First time since making up with Tom Smith that I got to sing “A Boy and His Dog”, and my performance was much easier and funnier. Was crying just for being there, the difference between being somewhere I’m loved and at home was too great. I got signed up for my Twofer concert, and, after the main concerts were over, got to listen to some great musicians and/or songwriters do their two songs each. I did my own “Little Fuzzy Animals” and Dave Carter’s wonderful song, “The River Where She Sleeps”. (Blind Lemming Chiffon described my performance of this song ” by the way, your interpretation of darryl purpose interpreting dave carter – brilliant and wonderful”)

Made a new friend, the Interfilk Guest Allegra Sloman. BLC just had to introduce me to her, but didn’t get to finish the introduction. Definitely a kindred spirit, very joyful and spent quite a bit of time with me during the convention. She lives in Burnaby, BC (suburb of Vancouver), which astonishingly is where my old friend and former boss, Ally Robertson, lives. And they don’t know each other (I verified that from both parties).

Danced two dances, both asked by the other… Sue and Cat… same as last year (and only Sue danced with me the year before).

Open filking again, and I got my licks in. Got a couple requests even. It got into bugs and bacteria, so I managed to play Christine Lavin’s “Amoeba Hop”. The love in the room was palpable, and my songs as well as myself were received with such warmth … it was like, you love the sun, so you go out sunbathing and don’t give a damn about the sunburn later when you have to go put clothes on.

Got to bed about 4:30 am. Had to catch the bus to go home by 11:51. Got up about 9:30 (after missing an opportunity to go to breakfast with Allegra) and went down to the Registration area to cry. Cat Faber, a lovely woman but one who does not appear very touchy-feely, gave me a long hug and sat holding my hand until I calmed down. Others came around to help out. I left about 11 to go get a Subway sub to eat on the bus. Met Josh and Lisa and another fan going out to breakfast while I was waiting for the bus, got more hugs and such.

Got to bus, train, and Megabus, and when I got to Knoxville had to walk home with all my bags… not going to talk about that. I got a long nap, a shower, and some sleep. I’m sore but ready to go to work. Getting some funny looks from Baby Girl, like she thinks I don’t belong here. I agree.


Alternate Reality

Yesterday I got on Megabus in Knoxville. I got off in Atlanta. I then bought a MARTA pass for a round-trip, took a train and a bus, and stepped into Wonderland. A place where everyone knows me, loves me, and wants me to sing, or wants me to hear their new songs, or just smiles at me and gives me a hug.

I get another night of this. Sunday I go back to Knoxville, retracing my steps, and even have to walk home with all my stuff when I get there (no Sunday bus service in my neighborhood, don’t know who I would call for a ride).

I am sharing a room with two friends. One of them is paying my share of the room and has done some other things for me too hard to explain in a short sentence. The other is paying my way to Pittsburgh for another convention in September.

I don’t want to go back. That is not an option, as this “home” I’m in now is temporary and will evaporate as soon as the weekend is over. But why would anyone want to go where they do not feel wanted?

If anyone wants to know what I’m talking about, check out



Trying to go forward

For those of you who are waiting for me to vilify my girlfriend, you have a long wait ahead of you. My honey is a wonderful, beautiful woman. We just are not a good fit and Gods know how hard we both tried.

How bad a fit? Borderline vs. Aspergers. Sagittarius vs. Capricorn. Egyptian vs. Hindu spirituality. Magick vs. Nonmagickal. Major differences in style, some from the way we were raised, some from our own experiences and issues. Why were we together at all? Love and support. In the end, I didn’t feel I was getting nearly enough of either, and felt largely cut off from my other sources of support.

Honey deserves a man who loves her as much as I do but who is also a good match. I hope she finds one.



Got my brains back

My PC arrived via FedEx today from ASUS in Milpitas, CA. Only took a couple of weeks. Would have been sooner if they had just sent me the setup disk.

Life at home is tense but could be worse. I hope I can find a place soon. Can’t control who is reading this. A lot of people have gotten the wrong idea about what is going on, but the ones who seem to understand it have been very supportive.

I met with a couple who want me to help them get handfasted. I know the intended bride, met the intended groom for the first time. There are a lot of really good but very strange coincidences here, and I will have a lot of fun working on this.

Guess it’s bedtime. Have a lot of setup to do yet on the computer, but that’s the way it goes. I’m actually surprised on what things I did NOT have to do, they got some things the way they were (wallpaper, etc) which I thought were long gone.

Tomorrow I work. Then I pack, and leave for Atlanta Friday morning. The trip there should be easy enough — getting home on Sunday might mean walking from downtown Knoxville.