Monthly Archive: February 2014

Got It!

I got approved for the apartment I wanted. I start moving tomorrow. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Write me if you want my address…

Good (Bad) Timing

Well, I’m waiting for approval at another apartment. Hope it goes through, I love the neighborhood (OUT OF KNOXVILLE). Have to find out what KUB wants me to do to make good.

And then I opened my mail. Thanks to my having a job, TennCare stopped paying my Medicare premium effective Dec. 31, I knew that. Well, Social Security has decided to take three premium payments out of my next Disability check, over $300 going bye-bye. That’s going to make it lots of fun finding money to move on.

I will continue to move forward. It’s all positive. I can get through this.



I got turned down on the apartment, perfect location, perfect price… didn’t pass the credit check. I have another think coming on that place in Blaine/Rutledge.

The van had its front tires melt down to the belts. Mechanics replaced “inside” tie rods (only did “outside” before) and tires and are giving me money to go take it to an alignment shop. They’ve been great… hope I get it done today.

Don’t get me wrong, there are good things happening. I hope to be able to talk about them soon.



I am having my first Knoxville Aspergers Support Group meeting this afternoon, and I’m excited. And then later tonight there is a Writers’ Group I have been invited to attend.

No news on the apartment. I saw one yesterday which was as expensive as the 1-bedrooms I’ve been looking at but was postage-stamp sized and not even kept up well, also in the totally wrong neck of the woods.

Have been supporting other friends as well. And friends have been very strong in their support of me. I am blessed.


No movement

I still have not gotten the landlord to show me the place I have been hoping to rent (if it is good enough inside); yesterday he was bogged down with inspections at another site he owns, and today I don’t know that I could get up the hill in the snow. It is about 10-15 blocks from work and barely falls into my rent max (the closeness to work makes it more affordable, won’t need a bus pass or gas money).

I had a problem with the bank yesterday, and solved it. Feels good to be back running my own life.

It didn’t look like we would get much snow yesterday (I was watching what turned out to be the incorrect models), and then we got dumped on. I barely made it home safely last night, and it was a good thing I had the car as the bus would not have gotten me within 3/4 mile of the house. Today I have to struggle out in the car again, for the same reason.

I am so blessed with so much good support and friends and family. Thank you all.


Back to reality

Got the animals fed, catboxes changed, laundry and dishes done… have to get a few items at Dollar Degenerate and look at a duplex for rent. Haven’t seen Honey in a couple days.


Happy Imbolc

Imbolc was actually on the 2nd, but our Family saved it for the weekend. Everything was wonderful at Oz’s house, and we had a fantastic time. I got to play about 7 or 8 songs, had a wonderful poetry workshop/reading by PB Owl, lots of hugs and good times. Oz’s place is magnificent.

I saw Dottie this morning but she ran from me. I miss my kitty.

Got a nibble on a place to rent.




Carry On

I’m going to spend this month at the same address. If it works out, I could stay; if not, I’ve found somewhere I could move to. Moving would save me a lot of money; staying helps keep other people housed.

My cat is still missing; I assume she’s gone but I’ve looked for her now and again. I really miss her, she’s been with me almost as long as Ariadne, my royal python.

The car is fixed and running, but no money for gas or other expenses. I’m trying to keep riding the bus, it’s just flat cheaper. The cost of a bus pass won’t get me half a tank of gas.

Super Bowl today. Go Broncos!

No news on my music, but I hope I can get the CD published this year, hopefully before I go to Confluence in Pittsburgh in September (note to certain readers: my expenses for this convention are covered by the people who invited me).

Stats on this blog are variable, but I actually had one day go over 100 views! I have a lot of support and a few detractors, but that’s the way it has been my whole life (unless the situation was reversed). I finally got invited to the support group for Asperger’s Adults, have appointments for my therapist and my doctor.



The new issue of Peppermint and Sage is out. Among other excellent things, it includes articles #3 of my two series, “Door to the Beyond: Paganism and Mental Health” and “A World Apart, A World Together”, as well as a poem I wrote about a year ago.

You can get the magazine by downloading it at either or at (you need to download the free MartView reader if you’re getting it at MartView; you can read the PDF file in any ebook reader or by using Adobe Reader).