Carry On

I’m going to spend this month at the same address. If it works out, I could stay; if not, I’ve found somewhere I could move to. Moving would save me a lot of money; staying helps keep other people housed.

My cat is still missing; I assume she’s gone but I’ve looked for her now and again. I really miss her, she’s been with me almost as long as Ariadne, my royal python.

The car is fixed and running, but no money for gas or other expenses. I’m trying to keep riding the bus, it’s just flat cheaper. The cost of a bus pass won’t get me half a tank of gas.

Super Bowl today. Go Broncos!

No news on my music, but I hope I can get the CD published this year, hopefully before I go to Confluence in Pittsburgh in September (note to certain readers: my expenses for this convention are covered by the people who invited me).

Stats on this blog are variable, but I actually had one day go over 100 views! I have a lot of support and a few detractors, but that’s the way it has been my whole life (unless the situation was reversed). I finally got invited to the support group for Asperger’s Adults, have appointments for my therapist and my doctor.


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  1. bgoldnyxnet

    Sounds like you’re mostly getting your life under control. This is good. TOo bad about the cat, though. Losing a pet *hurts*.


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