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I still have not gotten the landlord to show me the place I have been hoping to rent (if it is good enough inside); yesterday he was bogged down with inspections at another site he owns, and today I don’t know that I could get up the hill in the snow. It is about 10-15 blocks from work and barely falls into my rent max (the closeness to work makes it more affordable, won’t need a bus pass or gas money).

I had a problem with the bank yesterday, and solved it. Feels good to be back running my own life.

It didn’t look like we would get much snow yesterday (I was watching what turned out to be the incorrect models), and then we got dumped on. I barely made it home safely last night, and it was a good thing I had the car as the bus would not have gotten me within 3/4 mile of the house. Today I have to struggle out in the car again, for the same reason.

I am so blessed with so much good support and friends and family. Thank you all.


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  1. zaivala

    About the 20th time I called that landlord and he said “I’ll call you back in a minute,” and didn’t, I gave up on that duplex.


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