Good (Bad) Timing

Well, I’m waiting for approval at another apartment. Hope it goes through, I love the neighborhood (OUT OF KNOXVILLE). Have to find out what KUB wants me to do to make good.

And then I opened my mail. Thanks to my having a job, TennCare stopped paying my Medicare premium effective Dec. 31, I knew that. Well, Social Security has decided to take three premium payments out of my next Disability check, over $300 going bye-bye. That’s going to make it lots of fun finding money to move on.

I will continue to move forward. It’s all positive. I can get through this.


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  1. bgoldnyxnet

    Sigh. This is something I’ve been complaining about. Means tested programs mean that it is _more_ difficult for somebody to lift themselves out of poverty. This is so stupid.

    They could at least do it over a period of months instead of all at once!

  2. zaivala

    Yep, really puts a big dent in my tiny budget. At a time when I need a bit of extra money for moving and getting helpers.

  3. Margaret Bumby

    And as a bit of irony, the Amazon ad that displayed was the one for the $48,000 pen. Best of fortune.


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