Belt tightening

Well, I keep filling in the blanks (which should be ? not _) on my spreadsheet. Things are awfully tight. I have friends all over offering support, some of whom have even mailed me care packages. I have a list of not-expensive things for which there is just no room… unless I stop doing something I have committed myself to do, and even that would only free up $150 per month.

The good news is, there are things which go away if I keep paying on them. $85 of the $150 would go away after 14 months. (I really can’t wait that long, and have asked the person I’m helping to find another source of help, either take the payment over or find another item.) ┬áThe rest of it I’m only committed to through December. Another $137 goes away next April. (By “goes away”, I mean “I stop having to spend it”, by completing the commitment.) But that still makes for lean times until December. I have only $80 per month for food (not including $20 for pet food). I may or may not have money (depending on the month) for my supplements.

On the good news side, someone gave me a Mr. Beer kit, and I’ve bottled my first of two batches, so I won’t be buying beer for a while (the batch is not ready for two weeks, and I won’t start the second batch until then unless I can get more bottles). I am also not that much of a drinker, so this really does not impact my budget, just keeps me from spending what is left over, if anything, on beer for a while. Better beer, better prices. Papa John’s. Oops, strike that…

My website transfer is complete, and I can now be found online at NOTE: I WILL BE MOVING THIS BLOG TO THE WEBSITE, probably pretty soon, so watch for it.


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