Monthly Archive: April 2014

Computer Fun

I got my desktop upgraded all the way to Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr. Everything was fine. Then I read a few websites on how to “tweak” (i.e., personalize) your system and tried a few of them. I wound up with something I didn’t like… and could not get back to what I had. I tried repairing the system, no good. I tried reinstalling Ubuntu from scratch, apparently had errors on the disk. I didn’t want to go back to Karmic and go through the whole upgrade process again, so I tried Mint.

I tried a few other 64-bit operating systems, and then remembered I had been asked to try out Lighthouse 64 6.02 B2 Mariner, a derivative of Slackware Linux in Puppy style (basically a 64-bit SlaxPup informed by FatDog64). I know that for some of you this is gibberish, but for others you’ll want the most exact language I can use.

Mariner looked great and was easy to use. I knew that Puppies save a config file to the hard drive for faster boots, and went to reboot to save the file. It wouldn’t save, said there wasn’t room.

It turns out that somewhere in the disk installs of either Ubuntu or Mint, my hard drive got formatted to a disk format I’m not ever aware of. So all I had toi do was run GPartEd and reformat that giant partition to ext4. Now I’m good, and very happy.

I still need to run it through its paces, find out what I need to do for Skype (I have a non-standard microphone and cheap webcam, but they worked in Ubuntu), maybe check out the Messenger (though I rarely use that these days), stuff like that.

I did lose one important file in all this, but it’s nothing I don’t have a moderately recent backup of and nothing I can’t construct from scratch if I have to.

Anyone out there who is looking for a fast, simple, beautiful version of Linux should give Mariner a try. The forum implies that the guy working on this might be sick — it has been a long time since the B2 and there’s no Final and he hasn’t commented for some time. Even so, the forum shows a large number of desktops and laptops this has run on, including the Dell Optiplex 740 Enhanced that John Noggoel gave me to get me back into the Desktop world.


Quiet Here

I’ve been quiet lately. I’ve had a few visitors, a lot of contact with family and friends, am coming up on my One Year anniversary at work, and am just being as organic in living as I can manage.

I fixed a computer for a co-worker, and have spent several hours upgrading my own computer’s operating system; it was Ubuntu Karmic Koala when I got it, it is now Trusty Tahr (WHAT IS A TAHR???), that’s up upgrade through 9 versions.

I’m working on performing a couple new songs.

A friend got me access to Netflix, so my computer speakers are now on my TV (no clue how to get sound from the notebook computer to the TV speakers), which means I need speakers for the desktop computer.

Still having some difficulties when something goes wrong which was not expected. Some of that is normal. Asperger’s support group came up with an outing this month, and there is no way I can afford it so no support group until next month.

Guess that’s it. I’m happy, solitary, and still moving forward.


Visitors Among Us

My cousin Howard just dropped by for a couple hours, and we went out for lunch. Haven’t seen him since he was 12, a pudgy little doughboy… now he’s a beanpole and is 4″ taller than me. Had a good talk, didn’t get too deep into much of anything. He’s living in Nashville but his wife’s family is just up the river from here about 40 miles or so. I have a picture but haven’t gotten it off my phone yet.

Everything’s good, have a weekend off as usual. Need to take a walk, guess I’ll go do that.


Missed It

Well, we had thick cloud cover last night with some rain, so no lunar eclipse here. Snif.
I had a great time talking with my cousin Maria last night, might have already said that.
Still don’t have the bugs ironed out with my extra drive space. I have some ideas though.
Anyone else try comments yet? I got an “official” one from a WordPress honcho that went through…
My Michigan friend is making another swing back through tonight, just for one night. Pizza for dinner, yay! Can’t afford it often…
And payday is just two days off, I can afford to get more necessities. I’m not exactly camping out, but I’m a far cry from what most people would consider “comfortable” still.


Found Cousin

My cousin Maria and I just had a chat. We’ve never met, I left California before she was born. (Well, we may have met briefly, but neither of us remembers.) Wonderful chat, and I look forward to and expect more.



WordPress In Progress

WordPress has not let me post things for some time using the Quick Draft feature (which, I thought, was the only way to post — at least they told me the other way…). They say they fixed it, and I updated to the latest version…

Before, the Quick Draft would be written and I would hit the Save Draft button and it would all disappear. Now, the Quick Draft is written and hitting the Save Draft button does nothing, and the button is “ghosted”.  So they didn’t really fix it yet.

They also claim to have fixed the issue with posting comments.  Good luck with that.




Ironing Out Features

Still trying to get the blog to post to Facebook and Google+ automatically. Still getting a few 404 errors on page loads. Please be patient. I’m new at this…


Everything is great. The people who love me love me, the people who like me like me, and the people who don’t, well, they don’t. I can live with that. I’m not perfect, but I have received many blessings, and many of them read my blog.