Monthly Archive: May 2014

Men Men Men

This weekend was the first ever Men’s Gathering for Earth’s Web (or its predecessor, SerpentStone). We have a few people show up, had a fantastic workshop presented by Owl and lots of talking. It wasn’t everything we envisioned it to be, but it was a start and we hope next year’s is better.

I’m wondering about my level of commitment. I am going so many different directions and just don’t have money for more than one or two. I’m looking forward to Confluence in Pittsburgh PA in July.. that will help me focus on what it is I need to do.

Gotta go wash the camping dirt off me. Shower time!

Adding it up

Still most of my friends have not been able to comment. Leave me email with the username you want and a temporary password (must be moderately strong for WordPress to accept it) and I’ll set you up.

Been treading water. I had to tell my cousin I wanted to go to Pittsburgh by myself, that hurt both of us but I had to stand on my own at the first con anyone ever invited me to as a paid musical guest. I got all my bills paid, got two things on my Needs List, and have $19 left over… well, $17, just remembered eBay had to take their monthly fees for the paltry amount of stuff I’ve managed to sell.

I keep saying I’m doing fine on my own, but I’ve had three visitors stay for 3-7 days since moving here in March and they all feed me. I needed that at first, but the last week of food did me in. I’m gaining weight again, 222 with clothing yesterday so at least 10 pounds gained.

Let me tell the Universe: I AM HERE IN THIS APARTMENT TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. I AM THANKFUL FOR THE HELP, CARING, AND LOVE SHOWN BY MY FRIENDS BUT I CAN’T WORK ON THINGS WHEN I’M BUSY HELPING OR BEING HELPED BY OTHERS. Please back off now, I think I have the situation under control. And yes, I know that last one was completely my own fault.

Now if I could be strong enough that a friend calls me needing a place to stay and I say NO. Don’t know if I’m ready for that to happen.

I am looking for more outlets for my knit caps, hopefully local to Eastern Tennessee. I’ve donated quite a few to KARM, some have been given to individuals I met on the bus (and I’m not riding the bus now), and a very few to outlying shelters in Jefferson City and Morristown. Oh, and quite a few to my own Family, Earth’s Web. If you know of anything, especially groups helping the homeless who are NOT affiliated with a specific religious group (secular or other-than-Christian preferred). I really don’t think FoxNews viewers would be helped significantly by having warmer brains.

Speaking of which, it seems that the Justice Party USA in Tennessee has been crawling along quite slowly. I’ve volunteered to do just about anything except make phone calls, and haven’t heard. There are a few posts on Facebook. In terms of networking, we’re doing as well as a communist cell — nobody knows who anyone else is.

Enough for now.


Winding Down

And the week rolls to a close. It has been a long time since I had such a comfortable time with a woman… and felt so helpless. I drive Nan back home. She has had more backrubs this week than any week in recent memory. I know they *helped* but they didn’t fix anything or show a path forward. I hate it when I can’t really help… but I got a chance to show love, and not much chance to show the lust which properly goes with a good relationship. It’s really hard to get into lovemaking when you feel the tiny flinch that goes with each light touch. And this is a woman I really love and really would want to be with. Almost happened once.

I told my mother when I first broke up with Nan that I would be with her again in 2 years. I missed the deadline, but if I could heal the pain she is going though I would be there in seconds. Assuming I could get another driver and had enough gas money to get to H’ville and back with a Uhaul and my van…

In other news, I was part of a test group trying to help write a document to use multiple virtual machines on Lighthouse 64 Mariner or FatDog 64. I think I helped make the document more usable, especially for newbies like me, but I never really finished getting it set up (maybe if I read the finished document I can do that).

I just tasted the first beer out of my latest batch. This is a “Grand Bohemian Pilsner” — ya know, it’s supposed to taste like Buttweiper or Molar (names changed to protect the rich people) … and if their product tasted like THIS I wouldn’t bother buying homebrewing kits. Still, I like more of a Belgian product, so I’ll be buying more of that when I get enough money.

OK, time to get ready for the long drive to WNC and back.



Nan’s visit has been lovely. Eating too much. Had some wonderful little stresses (mostly related to money, and not related to Nan) but got them taken care of.

Got the announcement for the Earth’s Web Men’s Gathering. I wish I had more time to plan for it but should be able to make it.

I’ve had some classes at work, to celebrate the completion of my first year of work and recertify me for my second. Not that many jobs have kept me this long, and things are looking good for another year.

Been talking a lot with a cousin, who needs some guidance and teaching. Not sure where this will go, it’s up to her to absorb and proceed.


Bizzy Backson

I have class today and labs tomorrow morning in addition to my usual work, and have also managed to wrangle a visit from Nan for a week. Busy week. Not used to getting up at 7 am as I had to today and will need to tomorrow as well. Hope I can get enough sleep. Getting some practice time in as well, and have had a few ideas for new songs… none have come fully-fleshed into being as of yet but one is sure to get my socks rocked off in repayment…